DNA Diet & Nutrition Pro
May 8, 2016
DNA Fitness Pro
May 16, 2016
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DNA Fitness Diet Pro

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We test your DNA for a selection of key genes to help you truly understand your genetic response to Diet, Nutrition and Fitness Training.

  1. Diet Type Recommendation
  2. Carbohydrate Response
  3. Saturated Fat Response
  4. Lactose Intolerance
  5. Gluten Intolerance
  6. Detoxification Genetics
  7. Anti-Oxidant Need
  8. Omega-3 Need
  9. Vitamin B Need
  10. Vitamin D Need
  11. Alcohol Sensitivity
  12. Salt Sensitivity
  13. Caffeine Sensitivity
  14. Power / Endurance
  15. Sport Injury Predisposition
  16. Recovery Speed
  17. Recovery Nutrition Need
  18. Aerobic (VO2 Max) Potential
  19. Fitness Genotype Breakdown
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