Upgrade Your Training Knowledge

With a Simple DNA Fitness Pro Test

From absolute beginners, to professional athletes...
you can learn more with DNAFit!

Train with the best data possible!

Get to know your training response genetics.

Learn about your body’s makeup!

Gain deep insight into your genetic profile.

Upgrade your training knowledge!

With better data about yourself, inform your training decisions in the most comprehensive way.

Train With the Best
Data Possible

Get to know your training response genetics.

Learn About Your
Body’s Makeup

Gain deep insight into your genetic profile.

Upgrade Your
Training Knowledge

Learn better data about yourself and improve training.

The way our genetics interact with our environment makes us who we are, so naturally by understanding our genetic profile we can help ourselves live a
healthier life.

Here's How It Works

Order your DNAFit test now and receive your collection kit by post.
Collect your saliva samples with the provided collection kit and send them to our laboratory for analysis.
We provide you with a personal report in approximately 3 weeks after receipt of your samples.
Having the ability to know our own personal genetics is exceptional in many ways, but as with every strand of the current trend for the ‘quantifiable self’, caution must be exercised, as the value of this knowledge can be all too easily overstated. When it comes to DNA, understanding our genes is indeed an extremely important step, but in itself it is no more so than our environment – how we live, eat and exercise for example.

Use the power of DNA to train to your body’s genetic strengths!

DNA Fitness Pro

Our high end comprehensive panel of Fitness genetic markers, at a great price.

Full DNA information on genetic variants associated with fitness response including recovery and predisposition to certain injury VO2 max response, along with full genotype support guide and report.

Power and Endurance Response
Post-Exercise Recovery Profile
Injury Risk Profile
Aerobic (VO2 Max) Response
Recovery Nutrition Education
Full Genotype Report and Breakdown
DNA Benchmark against British Olympian

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