Our Vision

Making a difference in society and to the people around us is imperative to success in business today. Adam’s Genetics founded to make this difference through the commercialization of niche medical technologies and developing a consumer understanding by removing the scientific jargon.

The founders of the company have been involved in the DNA and Pharmaceutical industries for over 12 years and have capitalized on this experience, to bring DNAPro to everyone – from absolute beginners to professional athletes.

The human genome holds an extraordinary treasure trove of information about human development, physiology, and evolution, and has vastly increased knowledge of how the human body works and it’s biological responses.

With Adam’s Genetics range of tests, DNAPro places the mysteries revealed by scientific advances in Human Genomics research in your hands by providing access to these developments in an affordable, consumer-friendly way. By analyzing the relationship between genes, nutrition, and lifestyle our gene tests provide a valuable tool for you to manage your health and wellness.

Using cutting-edge molecular technologies, our dedicated team comprising of experts in both the field of human genetics and nutrigenomics as well as sports science will provide you with reliable, high-quality services, performed according to the highest international standards.

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Our Values

The Adam’ Genetics Code of Practice

Adam’s Genetics is the leading DNA-based Diet and Fitness testing company in India . As public understanding and appetite for personal genetic information, especially that which focuses specifically on fitness and nutrition markers, has grown exponentially.

We are thrilled to see such a movement towards sports genomics,and nutrigenomics in the mainstream, and I’m excited to see what the market can become as it develops.

We seek to set the industry’s highest standards in this innovative field, and now, with the growing interest from the consumer, there has emerged an urgent need for an industry-wide acceptance of what should be expected from a company offering personal genetic information for fitness, sport, nutrition or health markers.

As a result, we propose to set out the following 10 point Personal Genetics Code of Practice and call upon every company in the industry to strive to adhere to the same strict protocol. These are the key standards to which we should all adhere, without compromise:

  • No testing for talent identification or predicting sporting ability

    DTC personal genetic testing should never be used as a predictive measure, nor as a means to identify which sport a customer should attempt or indeed even to influence the customer’s choice of fitness level or sporting goal. There exists no ethical or scientific basis upon which to support the use of genetic information in this way, and this should be clearly communicated to the customer.
  • Provide detailed information about gene variants

    All providers of DTC genetic testing should provide clear information to prospective customers about every gene variant included in the test.
  • Provide a minimum evidence base for all reported gene variants

    Variants should only be reported in a consumer test if there is a reasonable level of scientific consensus, based on human studies, showing their relevance to the test. The variants that are reported in a consumer test should be those that influence lifestyle changes from which health benefits may be derived.
  • State clearly that genetics is only one element in a fitness or nutrition regime

    Recommended fitness or nutrition regimes must not be built solely on genetic results. Environmental factors play a more important role than genetics.
  • Demonstrate strict laboratory & data protection standards

    DTC genetics companies should disclose the location of the laboratory used to analyse samples to enable a customer to make an informed decision about the security of their DNA sample and the quality of the laboratory analysis.
  • Ensure expert advice is available to explain results to customers

    DTC genetics companies should have experts in their particular field available to explain results to customers.
  • Be commercially transparent

    If DTC genetics companies recommend or promote any additional products or services to their customers, such as nutritional supplements, they should clearly state if they have commercial relationships with third party suppliers.
  • Customer consent should be mandatory before testing

    Customers should be required to provide their formal consent to genetic testing and sign a declaration confirming their understanding of how their data will be used. Personal genetics, in any field, is of course an emerging science. By the very nature of the industry, any company operating in the space will be naturally pushing the envelope, but the crucial mark must never be overstepped. It is in the interest of not only the end user, but also those with companies ourselves, that a strict standard of ethics and code of practice is adhered to. Without this we will be limited in our ability to further the industry and bring ever-advancing science to the end consumer. At Adam’s Genetics, we make it our strict promise to the customer and to ourselves that we will never overstep these boundaries set out, and I hope other companies in this space will do the same. Shah Fahad Husami,  Managing Director Adam’s Genetics .

Here’s how it works

Order your DNAPro test now and receive your collection kit by post.

Collect your saliva samples with the provided collection kit and send them to our laboratory for analysis.

We provide you with a personal report in approximately 3 weeks after receipt of your samples.


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