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A Single Test Can Change Your Life

Do you want to enhance your performance and lead a longer, healthier and happier life? Our top-notch DNA test can lead you to the best version of yourself.

DNA Diet & Nutrition Pro

A new approach to your diet and nutrition.Get your dietary DNA profile - your personalized guide to nutrition and meal planning.

Nutrition Needs

Fat And Carb Sensitivity

Metabolism Rate Chart

Antioxidant and Micro-Nutrients Need

Detox: Toxin Generation Speed

Detox: Cruciferous Vegetable Needs

Coeliac Predisposition

Vitamins and Minerals Receptivity

₹ 22,000

Most Recommended

DNA Fitness Diet Pro

A fitness, wellness, and nutrition makeover.Our most popular test. Get unrivaled insights on diet, fitness, sleep and stress.

Nutrition & Fitness Profile

Power & Endurance Response

Recovery Efficiency

Injury Predisposition

Strength Response

Muscle Mass

Stress and Sleep Reports

Food Sensitivities & Tolerance

Antioxidant & Micro-nutrients Need

Vitamins and Minerals Receptivity

₹ 25,000

DNA Fitness Pro

An effective way to get in shape.Take control of your workout and training regime.

Training and workout profile

Power & Endurance Response

Risk of injury

Speed of recovery

Muscle Mass

Lower Back Injury Risk

Performance Under Pressure

Aerobic Trainability

₹ 22,000

One test, for a Lifetime

Your DNA is as Unique as you

Unlock your Full Potential

Safe and reliable results

Learn About Yourself from Within

Our DNA test helps you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. We promise a smarter, easier and more effective approach to a healthy lifestyle, entirely unique to your DNA profile. We can personalize your path to a better life and help you achieve your goals.

  • Optimal Diet & Response
  • Personalised Nutrient Needs
  • Food Sensitivities & Tolerance
  • Tailor-made fitness regime
  • Injury & Recovery Profiles
  • Sleep & Stress Reports
  • Our Clients

    Your DNA holds much more
    than you think

    It narrates the complete story of your health, nutrition and fitness, providing valuable insights for a better and well-balanced lifestyle.


    Understand Your Health Risks Better

    Knowing about your genetic
    composition can help you
    understand your risk for
    various health conditions.

    Achieve Your Fitness Goals

    When you are aware of your
    genetic makeup, you can
    plan your diet and chart your
    workouts keeping in mind your
    potentials and limitations.

    Identify Predisposition to Various Illnesses

    Finding out early if you’re
    genetically at risk of
    developing certain health conditions

    Discover Your Origins

    You can uncover data about
    your ancestry from just a
    single swab.

    Collaboration with CSIR-IGIB

    Our DNA is what makes us who we are, so we put in place a strict data protection policy so you know your data is secure.

    Adam’s Genetics In Media

    Our genetically determined technology & research has molded the way thousands of people anticipate their health. As a pioneer in our field, we’ve been recognized in the leading media for the difference we’re making in creating personalized health and wellness guides.


    Still want to know more?

    Here are some common questions we get asked frequently.

    How often will I need to take the test?

    Your DNA never changes, so you only need to take the test once for a lifetime of change.

    How will a DNA test help me improving my lifestyle?

    There’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach to diet, nutrition or fitness, so a DNA test can help you discover your unique nutrigenetic profile, with an in-depth selection of personalized insights. Our DNA tests looks at the interaction between genes and environment; by understanding your genetics you can better adjust your environment for your optimal health and fitness. You can make the most of your time in the gym by reducing trials and errors with a new layer of truly personalized fitness information. You can optimize your nutrition by knowing how your genetics affect the best diet choices for your body.

    What’s included in the DNA test report?

    Our DNA test reports holds a comprehensive data which will help in truly personalizing all your requirements. The package includes:

    I have a medical condition. Will a DNA test help me in that aspect?

    DNA test is not a medical tool and does not diagnose or offer therapeutic options for medical conditions. The Nutrigenetic test is designed to give recommendations on optimizing nutrition choices, which is all the more important when one’s health is not good, but it does not go beyond this. The sports genetic test, similarly is designed show the relationship between genetic science and exercise.

    It is an interesting concept but the test is too expensive. How should this objection be handled?

    DNA testing is a one-off test that provides you with life-long information. Your genes never change. DNA testing is not the same as food intolerance testing which needs to be repeated regularly to monitor your antibodies in the blood. The recommendations contained in the reports will be valid for life. A simple tweak in your nutrition or exercise plan can optimize your health in the long run, therefore making the cost more palatable.

    What happens to my DNA after the test is complete?

    Your DNA sample is securely destroyed as per our lab quality manual and process.

    What happens if my sample fails to yield sufficient DNA?

    If your sample fails to yield sufficient DNA, your trainer will be notified and you will be provided with another kit to complete your test. The lab will destroy your saliva. It is important to read the instructions in detail to avoid any error, as any failed saliva is usually due to an error in the saliva collection process.

    Why should I choose Adam’s Genetics over others?

    As pioneers in this field, we’re experts in turning your genetic insights into meaningful action, and continue to innovate and drive the market forwards. We maintain the highest scientific and data security standards in the industry and provide you with a test result by weighing the total effect of multiple genes to provide clear, actionable insights. These developments don’t stay confined to scientific journals - we’ve established a track record of success with customers and professional sports personnel alike. Combined with our commitment to research, our results have been put to the test - in the lab and on the field.

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